About Us

Fuji is committed to the environment. Environmental problems are one of the key challenges of our time, and we have made it our business to providing households with a greener, environmentally responsible alternatively to highly polluting batteries.

We have dedicated ourselves to producing batteries that minimise environmental waste and emissions. We maintain our eco-respectful values by following these key aspects.

Conscientious Production and Banning Hazardous Materials

We have a strict ban on mercy, cadmium, lead, chlorofluorocarbons, trichloroethane, and other designated substances throughout the entire manufacturing process, including for our suppliers.

Instead, we strive to use non-hazardous raw materials, and have all of our production plants strictly meet the standards set under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, as well as ISO 144001 in 6 Domestic Plants.

Considerate Packaging, Recycling and Waste Reduction

Our packaging is made from recycled and recyclable paper and PET plastic. Combined with our endeavor to recover, reuse and recycle end of use products for our batteries, we have achieved at 93.3% recycling rate.

Cutting Emissions

From our production process that saves energy and resources, through to the careful and calculated designs, Fuji EnviroMax is proudly a reduced-emissions company that also eliminates almost all landfill waste and simple incineration.

We have also reduced CO2 related emissions by 6%, green house gases by 63% and VOC emissions by 29.5% since 2000 levels.

Commitment and Transparency

We have our products independently tested and have established, within fuji, numerous dedicated divisions such as the Enviromental Protection Preservation Division and the Contained Chemical Substances Management Commitee.

Fuji also updates its Enviromental Action Plans and discloses all enviromental related information pertaining to business activities, products, and services to keep our company commited and hones to our enviromental endeavours.