Eco-Friendly Battery Operated Toys

We love kids. They’re cute and they make us happy with their warm smiles and funny carelessness. So, we keep them happy and gift them toys and most of the things they need. But how many of these things are good for the environment? Here’s a list that you may want to check out to answer this question.

  1. Hydro RC

Cars that run on water are already appearing on the streets, and this revolution has already reached the kids’ world. Hybrid RCs are now sold in stores. They run on hydrogen to recharge its battery and it’s eco-friendly without compromising its design. Playing with this toy is sure to make kids feel like they’re driving a green Bat Mobile.


  1. Wooden Train Set

It’s a classic. Train sets are go-tos when it comes to children’s toys. And now they also make versions out of wood. This makes this beloved piece eco-friendly. Pair this up with eco-batteries like Fuji Enviromax, then it’s definitely moving to a safer environment for your tots.


  1. Talking Dolls

Who said that dolls couldn’t go green? Due to increased awareness, toy designers have made the traditional talking doll eco-friendly. The materials are not plastic, but organic. Plus, they can be used with green batteries for that lively conversation. These dolls are truly beauty and brain.


  1. Microphone Toys

Enhance your child’s potential to become the next popstar through the eco-friendly microphone toy. This is made of non-toxic materials that guarantee your child’s and the Earth’s safety. It comes with a stand, lights up and is MP3 compatible. Just get some green batteries and your child can sing their way to a better environment.


  1. Dinosaur set

For the kids who like going back to the past and relive the age of the giant lizards, the best toy is an eco-friendly dinosaur set. It is made of 100% rubber, with a mechanism powered by green batteries. This way your child is sure to be Earth friendlier than the meteor that came for his giant friends.


With the continuous destruction of the environment, it is so much better to start your kids young with these toys. They will not lose the joy of childhood, while learning to care for their world.

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