Important “Green Things” you can do at Home

You may think that ‘going green’ is purely for the government level, but you can actually do it in the comfort of your own home. In fact, as with most things, it must start there. But how do you go about making your home eco-friendly? Read through and find out.


  1. Recycling and Reusing

Yes, you’ve heard it a gazillion times. Recycle this. Recycle that. But do you actually do it? Go through all your belongings, choose which ones can be reused and go forth and use them again. Not all recycling involves throwing things out. Alternatively, put up a garage sale or take them to thrift stores. Not only will you save the earth, you will also earn money and have more space in the house.


  1. Choose Green

Increased consumption is a cause of eco-devastation, but it is inevitable. Thus, it is best you consume with awareness. Instead of going for what you’re used to, grab items that are eco-friendly. Buy green appliances, green furniture, green fashion products. Even your dinnerware can be Earth-friendly.


  1. Green Energy

No. It’s not Kryptonite. These are energy sources that are good to the environment. After you have recycled and earned some money from it, you can start green home improvements. Get solar panels or small wind turbines installed instead of usual electric systems. Use eco-friendly batteries like Fuji-Enviromax for your other appliances too.


  1. Switch Off

So you’ve turned your home green, but are your habits helping? If you’re not a fan of switching things off, start now. Not only will it make your home safe, it will, of course—save energy. You’ll save money and the Earth.


These are just simple life hacks, but they will go a long way. Remember that home is not just that roof above your head. If you don’t go green, you won’t even have the Earth to put up that roof.

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